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Why cosori smart air fryer is the best in 2022

In this article, we will review one of the best air fryers selling on Amazon

Cosori Air Fryer reviews:  family-sized air fryer

best air fryers in 2022

Features of cosori air fryer 

  1.  COSORI Premium Air Fryer is a critically acclaimed product (Red Dot Award, 2019) 13 one-touch cooking settings and quick 360° air circulation deliver crispy results with less oil.

  2. USE UP TO 85% LESS OIL: Compared to traditional deep frying methods, the air fryer uses up to 85% less oil while preserving the same wonderful taste, making it the ideal gift for family and friends.

  3. LARGE CAPACITY: A complete 5-pound chicken may fit in the air fryer's enormous 5.8-quart square baskets. In comparison to spherical designs, corner spaces provide additional cooking area and flexibility. In one sitting, prepare the ideal amount of food for 3–5 persons.

  4. 11 PRESETS, Preheat, and Keep Warm are among the 13 cooking functions that help you prepare meat, vegetables, desserts, and more to perfection. You're ready to cook after selecting your preset with one simple tap. For bespoke recipes, you may also adjust the temperature and cook time.

  5. SAFE MATERIALS: The removable, nonstick baskets are dishwasher safe, PFOA free, and BPA free. To find additional and replacement accessories for your air fryer, search for C158-6AC and C158-FB

  6. RECIPES INCLUDED: 100 ORIGINAL COSORI CHEF-CREATED RECIPES: Find inspiration for every meal with 100 original COSORI chef-created recipes.

  7. The air fryer has a shake reminder function and offers crispy results in less time than a traditional oven. For better texture, preheat the air fryer before adding your ingredients.

  8. ETL LISTED: The air fryer is fully certified, with a 120V/1700W power rating and a temperature range of 170°–400°F. Please keep in mind that this voltage only applies in the United States and Canada.


How to use a Cosori Air Fryer 

cosori air fryer

Many air fryers include preset options for different sorts of food, which I'm hesitant to use because no two recipes are exactly alike. The cosori air fryer xl, on the other hand, comes with 100 recipes for these 14 settings, including seafood, bread, bacon, root vegetables, and french fries.

The Cosori Air Fryer's controls are simple to operate. It's digital, and by touching the touch panel, you may choose from a variety of settings and other buttons. The air fryer can be started by pressing the central power button. Then it's just a matter of choosing your desired setting and, if necessary, modifying the temperature and time.

The cosori smart air fryer beeps whenever you press a button, but the panel is responsive and it's simple to start, pause, and pre-heat. When you start the cooking process, the controls are responsive and display the remaining time.

When you pull out the drawer in the middle of a cook, the air fryer automatically pauses and resumes once the drawer is replaced.


How good at air frying is the Cosori?

When it comes to air frying, the cosori air fryer xl excels. It fried frozen french fries until they were perfectly crisp and made wonderful crispy wedges from scratch. On certain presets, the cosori air fryer max xl features a "shake" setting that sounds a loud beep five times to remind you to shake your food in the tray. This is useful, especially for evenly cooking french fries, but if you don't shake it right away, the same sound will repeat itself a minute later, which might be unpleasant.

I created air-fried chicken wings, buffalo cauliflower bites, and potato chip nachos with homemade guacamole for this Cosori Air Fryer review. The dish turned out to be very wonderful, crisp, and evenly prepared.

I have no qualms about the cosori smart air fryer ability to air fry evenly, and the preset cooking settings make sense given the many food classifications. The default setting for steak is 205°C for 6 minutes, while the vegetable setting is 150°C for 10 minutes, with a "shake" reminder halfway through.

 How about Cleaning the Cosori Air Fryer

The cosori smart air fryer is very easy to clean. The basket and drawer may both be washed in the dishwasher, and the exterior wipes clean.

Both products are rather large, so they were a little difficult to fit into my dishwasher, but owing to the non-stick outside of the fryer basket and the interior of the drawer, I was able to wash both by hand.

Is the Cosori Air Fryer worth it?

The Cosori Air Fryer is ideal for those searching for a large, easy-to-use air fryer. It's ideal for families because of its large capacity, and the 100 included recipes are simple to follow and ideal for those looking for midweek supper ideas.

I hope you have benefited from our review cosori air fryer xl.