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Best Dog Cameras | How to choose the best in 2022

 Keeping an eye on, and even rewarding, your dog just got easier with the best dog camera.


Best Dog Cameras 2022: You might consider the best pet cameras to be nothing more than a convenient way to keep an eye on your dog or cat from afar. In fact, the more advanced models include features such as two-way communication, which allows you to issue commands, laser pointers for play, and even treat dispensers, which can be used to provide a little incentive for good behaviour.

If you're in the middle of training your pet but can't be at home at all hours of the day, this can be really helpful. The question is, which of the numerous best dog cameras on the market will you select? 

Do you want a best dog cameras that can follow you around? Do you want it to be able to record audio in high-definition? Do you require cloud storage for your entire collection of photos and videos? Some cameras will even have smart capabilities that can send you push notifications if your pet begins to bark, which might be useful if you're training your dog.

With all of this in mind, we've narrowed it down to what we believe are the best dog cameras currently available. When making our selections, we took into account video resolution, features, build quality, and price, so you can rest assured that you'll be getting a high-quality device at a reasonable price.

How did we choose the best dog cameras?

We researched over 50 items to find the best dog cams, picking only those with high-quality features like night vision, 1080p camera quality, smart alarms, and other extra features like treat-tossing for the slightly spoiled doggy. We have a solution for you, whether you need a no-frills alternative to protect your dog from destroying the new couch or a more high-tech choice to keep your pet entertained. We also selected solutions that varied in price, ensuring that there is a best dog cameras for every budget.

What to consider when shopping for the best dog cameras

When choosing the best dog camera for you, consider the purpose, location, and accessibility. These can assist you in selecting a model that is appropriate for your goals, house, and lifestyle. Dog cams are available with a variety of functions. Some cameras come with an app, while others require you to log in to a website to view the feed. The level of control you desire, as well as the type of activity you want to track, should all be factors in your decision.

How many rooms will you need to keep an eye on?

You'll have to figure out what you want to monitor and how much of your home you want to watch. A single camera is usually used in dog surveillance systems. Some advanced versions, on the other hand, come with two with the possibility to add more. If the purpose of the best dog cameras is to simply monitor your pet's activity, you'll only need one in areas where he has access. If he's only going to be in one room, one camera will enough. A multi-camera system, on the other hand, will allow you to keep a closer check on activity if he has the freedom to roam.

It's also possible that you'll simply require a camera in issue areas. Separation anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in anxious behaviours near the front entrance. When he's experiencing trouble, a single camera installed there lets you know.

Are you in need of more advanced features?

Consider what features you truly require and make sure you aren't overpaying for features you don't require. There's a huge list of advanced features that could be included. Two-way audio, tilt control, rotational control, remote app access, sound detection, motion activation and detection, vet notification, and night vision are among the most prevalent features.

Advanced features raise the camera's price, but they may also provide functionality that makes it more useful to you. More frequent functions, such as camera position control, are less expensive, whereas less usual options, such as vet notification, are more expensive. If you see any problem behaviour connected to the dog's health, you can contact a veterinarian at any time.

A sound-detection feature may be required for dogs with separation anxiety or barking behaviours that upset neighbours. This feature notifies you when noise levels exceed a specified threshold, allowing you to take action before a problem arises.

What sort of remote do you require?

To control the camera, you must either create an account and log into the company's website, or you must create an account and log into the company's website. Either option can work well, but whatever is simpler for you is a matter of personal preference. People that rely on their smartphones for everything may likely find it easier to interact with an app. Make sure the app is compatible with your device's operating system, whether it's iOS or Android. A website may be easier to monitor throughout the day for those who use a work PC or laptop.

Is a treat dispenser required?

This unique feature of some dog camera provides a new level of capability to the camera. It transforms into a reward system for your dog. When your dog is misbehaving or showing the early indications of separation anxiety, this feature can help divert him. It's not a need, but it's a feature that can only be found on cameras specifically built for dogs rather than baby monitors.

Do you use a virtual assistant?

Alexa and other popular virtual assistants are compatible with some cameras. Owners of virtual assistants who are tech-savvy can easily add camera control to the assistant's repertoire of commands. For easier digital monitoring, you can use voice control and add the best dog cameras to a list of devices managed through a single access point.

What kind of video storage do you require? 

Some camera vendors charge a monthly subscription fee for video cloud storage. These subscriptions also offer you access to additional video features like fast-forwarding, rewinding, and taking screenshots. Others include the ability to record and review videos using an SD card or similar device. Other firms may only allow you to see video for a short period of time before it becomes unavailable. You'll only be able to watch a live stream if you don't have a recording option. This is useful, but it may not give you with the level of monitoring you require.

Will you use the dog camera for purposes other than keeping an eye on the dog?

In addition to the dog, do you want to utilise the camera for security purposes or to keep an eye on your children? If this is the case, video recording and monthly subscriptions may be more beneficial. If you're using the best dog cameras to notify you when your children arrive home from school, features like two-way communication become even more crucial.

Reviews and recommendations for the best dog cameras

When you're away from home, the best dog cameras give you extra peace of mind. Decide on the most crucial features, such as two-way audio, sound detection, or night vision, and then limit down the selections to the ones that best suit your house and lifestyle.

How to choose the best dog camera in 2022


best dog camera

best dog cameras on amazon: This surveillance system-meets-treat dispenser from Furbo is your best bet if you want to keep your dog happy while you're away from home.

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

  • 1080p HD camera quality

  • Yes, you can see at night. 
  • Setup is simple.

  • Alerts that are sent automatically

  •  Unique treat-tossing feature
  • It is necessary to have a stable WiFi connection.


The Furbo Dog Camera is attractive and gives you a clear image of what's going on in your home. A 160-degree wide-angle view is livestreamed from a 1080p HD camera with night vision. Furbo also comes with a variety of alarms. First, if your dog starts barking, an adjustable bark sensor sends push notifications. Second, a dog activity alert will notify you if your dog is getting too excited and leaping on your furniture. Finally, there's a dog selfie alert, which just sends you cute selfies when your dog looks into the camera. Finally, when someone comes into view, the camera can transmit a person alert. This informs you that the dog walker has come or that the children have returned home from school.You can talk to your dog or anybody else in the house with two-way audio. Last but not least, this camera comes with a free iOS/Android app that allows you to toss or plan a treat toss. This camera likewise offers a simple three-step setup process. For the Furbo to perform at its best, you'll need a consistent internet connection and a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Get from amazon


 Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera
best dog cameras

 This is a versatile pet monitoring equipment with capabilities including vet chat, zoom, magnetic mounting, livestreaming, and two-way audio.


  • Wi-Fi is available for use.

  • 1080p HD camera quality

  • Yes, you can see at night.
  •  Versatile mounting system

  • Audio that can be heard both ways
  • There is a vet chat option accessible. 
  • A subscription is required to rewind records.

Wi-Fi is used by the Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera to provide a variety of perspectives, notifications, and extra services. Its magnetic-mounting method can adhere to metal objects, but it also comes with adhesives for attaching underneath shelves and other awkward locations to get the perfect angle. The pet cam features a 110-degree wide-angle vision and 1080p HD livestreaming footage. You may also zoom in to an 8x magnification. When you're not at home, two-way audio allows you to give your dog commands. This is also one of the few cameras with a built-in veterinarian chat feature. You use the app to ask questions regarding the behaviour you've seen or witnessed through the webcam.You may also add cameras to your Petcube account to get a comprehensive picture of multiple rooms in your house. The disadvantage of this camera is that full functionality, such as fast forward and rewind of recordings, require a subscription.

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best dog camera eufy Pet Dog Camera


best dog camera

 This treat-tossing and wide-angle option will keep your dog occupied.

  •  Wi-Fi is available for use.

  • 1080p camera quality

  • Yes, you can see at night.
  •  Auto-tracking

  • Local storage for 60 days

  • Anti-clog treat-tossing rotatable

  • Dishwasher-friendly
  •  Option that is more expensive

With a 170-degree wide-angle lens and 270-degree rotating three-distance treat-tossing, the best dog cameras can keep a close check on your dog while entertaining and appeasing them with intermittent rewards. This high-quality option also comes with AI-powered movement monitoring and four infrared sensors for low-light/night scenarios, so you can rest easy knowing your dog isn't causing any havoc. Barking notifications and two-way audio allow you to soothe your dog from afar, which is essential for busy or boisterous canines. With 60 days of local storage, you'll have plenty of time to get cute movies or gather evidence of your animal friend's antics.

  Get from amazon



Do dog cameras have sound? 

The majority of dog cameras offer audio. Many come with audible notifications to alert you when your dog begins to bark. This could indicate an intruder, pet separation anxiety, or anything else unusual. Some models have two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with your dog while simultaneously keeping an eye on what's going on at home.

Should I talk to my dog through the cameras?

It may take some trial and error to see if chatting to your dog through the pet camera is possible. Some dogs will be soothed by your voice. Others may find it perplexing and stressful. Before you rely on the camera as a calming tool, give it a try. Go into another room and use the camera to communicate with your dog. His response will tell you whether chatting to him is beneficial or not.

Can clever dog cameras be used outside?

The majority of dog cameras are only meant to be used indoors. Outdoor cameras are the only ones that may be used outside. An outdoor security camera will allow you to keep track of your dog when he is outside.

Last , the best dog cameras

When you're not at home, the best dog cameras include the tools you need to keep an eye on and calm your pet. Some households might benefit from a puppy cam with two-way communication and a treat dispenser. Other pet owners may simply need to get to the bottom of a mischievous pet's antics. Even low-cost pet cameras provide a view into your dog's life, which can help you relax (and keep your house in good shape) while you're gone.



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