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the 4 Best Wireless Meat Thermometer | worth buying in 2022

 Cook to Perfection With the Best Wireless Meat Thermometer

 In 2022, the 4 Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grills and BBQs

 We look at the Best wireless meat thermometers for grilling and smoking in this guide.

Perhaps you want to improve your meat-cooking talents or are an aspiring grill master or barbecue aficionado. Whatever your motivation for firing up the grill, having a decent Wireless Meat Thermometer on hand is essential. Grilling and smoking meat, like other types of cooking, necessitates precision, especially when it comes to temperature. A best wireless meat thermometer will not only help you reach the exact temperature you need to cook your meat evenly and thoroughly without drying it out, but it will also allow you to check temps from a distance, allowing you to avoid hovering over your grill the entire time.

Probe length, wireless range, temperature range, and other useful qualities should all be considered while purchasing a Wireless Meat Thermometer. While basic models may suffice, you may prefer an app that sends you notifications or tracks the ambient temperature throughout your grilling session. For every sort of griller, there are alternatives in a variety of pricing ranges and styles.

We've compiled a list of the best Wireless Meat Thermometer to help you cook your meat to perfection, whether you're a novice or a seasoned griller.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to improve your cooking confidence and stop being a slave to the grill during long smokes. 

This article begins with a list of best wireless meat thermometer reviews, then moves on to why you need a grill thermometer, and finally, some basic features and how they can help you.

By the end of this book, you should be able to confidently determine which option is best for you.

Which Wireless Meat Thermometers Are the Best?

Although wireless meat thermometers are simple to use, there are a few important aspects to consider when purchasing one.

How do they function?

Best Wireless meat thermometers operate like this: you stick a probe into your meat and link it to a transmitter. The transmitter delivers the temperature of the meat to a receiver (typically a smartphone app or a remote control). This allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of the meat from any location and even set alarms for when it reaches the ideal temperature.


 A dedicated remote or an app on your smart device serves as the receiver for wireless meat thermometer. Dedicated remotes often offer larger ranges and a more consistent connection, despite the fact that app functionality is easier and more handy (no extra gear). Regardless of which option you choose, you'll want to study up on how user-friendly the interface is and what features are available (i.e. timers, alarms, etc).


When it comes to checking out a wireless meat thermometer's probes, the first step is simple: count them. Multiple probes allow you to cook multiple pieces or types of meat at the same time, which is useful for huge operations such as parties or large family feasts. The probes can also be used to monitor various areas of a large piece of meat, such as a complete turkey.

Some probes are also color-coded, making it easier to keep track of them all. Finally, because the probe cords will be exposed to extreme heat, you should evaluate their durability.


Range is a crucial feature to consider, particularly if you have a large home or yard. App-controlled thermometers typically have a range of 100 to 200 feet, while remote-controlled thermometers can reach up to 500 feet.

What Should You Look For When Purchasing? 

Dual Probe vs. Single Probe

Only one measurement can be taken at a time with single probe thermometers. The ambient temperature of the grill and the temperature of the meat cannot be measured at the same time.

You can take the temperature of various locations at once with a thermometer with multiple probes.

Most people will use a dual probe model to detect internal temperature and grill temperature, with one probe in the meat and one on the grilling grate.

With a dual probe, you may inspect more than one piece of meat at the same time. This is useful if you're hosting a dinner party and your guests have varying degrees of doneness preferences.

However, some'second' probes are only designed to monitor the grill's ambient temperature and cannot be used to check the meat, so double-check which probes you're getting.

Analog vs. Digital

Digital thermometers are more accurate than analogue thermometers. Even if they are more expensive, they are still reasonably priced.

You'd be better off investing your money in something that will prevent you from wasting it on a ruined lunch.


You'll certainly want to be notified when your meat reaches the desired internal temperature if you're using a Wireless Meat Thermometer. Consider what other signals you would require, such as temperature decreases or even extreme changes in ambient temperature. The latter is very useful if you wish to sleep while smoking meat overnight. It's also useful to receive an alert if you move the transmitter out of range or lose the probe's signal in any other way. Finally, once you've acknowledged an alert, it should be simple to turn it off (is there anything more unpleasant than an alarm that won't stop? ), so seek for a clear and accessible option to mute the blaring.


There are two types of Wireless Meat Thermometer available. The first component is a probe-connected remote device. The second option is to use an app that connects to your thermometer and delivers data to your phone. While using an app is convenient and eliminates the need to keep an eye on another device while grilling, there is a chance that your phone will lose its Bluetooth or wifi connection. If you're often frustrated by apps or Bluetooth-enabled devices, a wireless meat thermometer with a built-in transmitter could help you relax while cooking.

 Battery Type 

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer will require some form of battery power, and whatever one you choose is a personal choice. Most use AAA or AA batteries, although some have lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You never have to worry about keeping disposable batteries on hand with a rechargeable battery, but if it's not charged when you need it, you're out of luck. You're only a battery change (or a fast trip to the next store) away from a working thermometer if your machine utilises disposable batteries.

What Is The Best Place To Put A Grill Thermometer?

Place the probe at and at the same height as your meat if you're checking the temperature inside your grill. However, not too near! Because food produces a cold air bubble surrounding it, you should keep the probe at least two inches away from its surface. Maintain a distance of at least one inch between the probe and the hot grates.

Some Wireless Meat Thermometer come with a clip that allows you to position the probe approximately 1 inch above the grate, which is great. If your model doesn't come with a clip, you can wrap the probe in aluminium foil and place it straight on the grate. The probe's end should not be covered in foil.

If you're putting a probe into a piece of meat, take readings from several different spots, making careful to stick the thermometer into the thickest section of the meat. It should be pushed past the middle. Record the lowest reading as you slowly draw it out.

Keep an eye on the coolest reading to make sure your meat is properly done. Do not depend on a temperature obtained by contacting the bone with a thermometer. The temperature of the bone will differ from that of the meat.

 Our Top Picks

Meater+ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer with Long Range 

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer


The original range of the Meater probe was about 30 feet on open grills or ceramics, and just 10 feet in a metal grill with the lid closed. With the advent of the Meater+, however, that range has been increased to 165 feet!

I have both the original and the Plus version of the Meater. I started with two originals a year ago, but I recently updated one to the Meater+ since I really wanted the extra range.

I frequently use these and am a major admirer.


I'm aware of only one really wireless probe: the Meater+. There isn't a single wire in sight!

Because the probe includes two thermometers, one on each end, it can monitor both the internal temperature of your meat and the temperature of your grill or smoker with just one probe.

It's a wireless probe that connects to a smartphone app through Bluetooth, with no cables visible.

The main advantage is that it now allows you to use a leave-in, remote monitoring thermometer while rotisserie cooking! Isn't that amazing?

Of course, this means no trail of wires to snag on utensils while you're cooking, and no cables to bend, fray, break, or fail. True wireless is a win-win situation.

The Meater probe is connected to the Meater+ probe charging block, which also functions as a Bluetooth repeater with a range of up to 50 metres. As a result, the probe connects to the block, which may then connect to your phone from 50 metres away. There's also the option of connecting to the cloud, allowing you to watch and view your cookers from anywhere there's an internet connection.

The app that comes with it is extremely user-friendly and filled with features. It provides options for selecting the type of meat (pork, beef, lamb, etc. ), the precise cut (steak, rib, roast, etc. ), and the internal temperature / doneness level.

The app considers 'carryover cooking,' and will prompt you to remove the meat in time for carryover cooking to bring it up to target temperature by a few degrees.


  • Genuine wireless functionality. No wire in use or during charging.
  • This is the only thermometer suitable for rotisserie cooking. 
  • App that is intelligent, simple to use, and attractive.
  • When opposed to a dedicated receiver, it uses your smartphone as a receiver, saving you money.
  • We'll walk you through all of the cooks for the most popular meat types and cuts, including carryover cooking.
  • It has a very stylish and elegant appearance.


  • A little more expensive than the other items on this list (but worth it, in my opinion.)
  • To work, you'll need an Android or iOS device (some believe this is a plus, some say it's a drawback.)
  • The probe battery is not replaceable, although it should last for 1000+ cycles.
Overall, it's a well-designed, highly functional, and intuitive piece of equipment. It comes highly recommended. 


ThermoPro TP20 Meat Thermometers Wireless 

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer

The Thermopro TP20 is a really popular thermometer, and you normally can't go wrong if you go with the crowd.

It's a thermometer with a tough, solid feel to it. The appearance and feel imply that this is a serious piece of equipment designed for longevity and dependability. 

It has a dual probe, so you can keep track of both the temperature of your cooker and the interior temperature of the meat you're cooking.

It features presets for up to 9 different varieties of meat, as well as all of their doneness levels, so all you have to do is select what you're cooking and how well done you want it, and you'll get alerts as your cook complete.

The probes on this Wireless Meat Thermometer are rated for 716 degrees Fahrenheit, which is greater than most other thermometers.


It's orange and black, which I think is a striking and appealing combination. The modules themselves are constructed of a tough black plastic that's covered in an orange rubberized casing, similar to what you'd see on a smartphone case. You get the impression right away that this thermometer can take a tumble and come out intact. 

It includes a light grey screen with black text and a backlight button that makes it exceptionally simple to read in the dark.

A transmitter, a receiver, 2x temperature probes, 4x AAA batteries, and a handbook are included in the box. Everything you'll need to get started is included.


There are two ports on the ThermoPro TP20. To measure the temperature of your pit or some food, you can use any port and probe.

This means you can monitor two pit temperatures, two pieces of meat, or one pit probe for monitoring the ambient temperature of your grill and another for monitoring the internal temperature of a single piece of meat.

You set your grill's desired temperature and the internal temperature of your meat, then insert a probe into your meat and use the included clip to secure the second probe to your grill to monitor ambient temperature.

The manufacturer claims a working distance of 300 feet. I can't claim to have tested this distance, but I do know that this Wireless Meat Thermometer goes from my grill area to my living room, a distance of around 50 feet and three walls, which is astounding!

There is no need for synchronising because the transmitter and receiver immediately discover each other, making it one step easier to operate than most.


  •  Setup is quite straightforward.

  • It has a good range and can penetrate walls (in my situation, mileage may vary)

  • Many presets for various meats and degrees of doneness eliminate the need to look for and set timers and temperatures.

  • It looks and feels like it will last a long time. They are important because they can be used frequently throughout wars.


  •  To be honest, and I apologise if this seems a bit too self-promotional, but I can't think of anything wrong with this thermometer, which is why it ranks so high in my roundup of the best wireless meat thermometer. It's also a product I usually use personally, despite owning plenty of others.
 I suppose the lack of a supported mobile phone app is a disadvantage compared to many others on this list? But, honestly, I don't miss it; the receiver is more than adequate.

Maverick Et-732 Wireless BBQ Thermometer

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer

I don't always need someone else to tell me what temperature my meat should be cooked at. I normally stick to beef and pig, and I'm renowned for grilling my favourite steak cuts on a regular basis, so I'm well familiar with them. The Maverick ET732 is identical to the ET733, however it lacks the ability to choose from pre-programmed meat temperatures, which isn't a negative thing in my opinion.

It's also a little easier to set up and utilise as a result of this. It is easier to use than the more complex ET733 because it has fewer functions. I can always look up that information independently with a fast google search if I'm preparing a new piece of meat and am unsure what temperature it should reach.

This Wireless Meat Thermometer has the same long-range range as its older sibling, and it appears to be accurate. According to some accounts, it has a greater error range than the ET733.

This variant comes with two probes that are not similar. The shorter probe is used to determine the grill or smoker's ambient temperature. The meat can be probed with the longer probe. On the transmitter, each probe has its own input.

The temperature readings sometimes take a few moments to appear and stabilise, thus this thermometer is preferable for thicker slices of meat than for thin ones. An instant-read thermometer (which we highly recommend having in your arsenal anyhow!) may be required for smaller portions of meat.


  • One probe is used to measure the ambient temperature, while the other is used to implant into the flesh.

  • Has a built-in timer that counts up or down for more precise cooking

  • Transmitter that can withstand water..


  • It's impossible to take the temperature of two cuts of beef at the same time.

  • If three-foot cables were longer, they could be more adaptable.

The Maverick ET732 is a sleek long-range thermometer that's simple to operate once you've read the instructions. 

Get Maverick Et-732 from amazon


 MeatStick X Set 260ft Meat Thermometers Wireless

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer


Of course, you want your thermometer to work well on the grill, but the MeatStick has a lot more capabilities. It can be used with a rotisserie because it is genuinely wireless, and it can also be used within a sous vide bag because it is waterproof. It can also withstand high temperatures. The internal sensor can withstand temperatures of up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the maximum temperature it will encounter when fully implanted in flesh. The ceramic handle sensor that measures ambient temperature can withstand temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It can handle oven and grill temperatures with ease, and it can also be used in a deep fryer, thanks to its high threshold.

It's difficult to think of a situation that this thermometer couldn't handle. The MeatStick X is an improved version of the original MeatStick that incorporates an app that not only monitors temperature and delivers alarms, but also assists with cooking. The battery in the stick can last up to 24 hours before needing to be recharged in its holder, so you'll be good to go for long cooks. It's also dishwasher safe, so it'll be ready for the next job when it's done.

MeatStick just released The Mini, the "world's tiniest Wireless Meat Thermometer" for regular usage.

1 probe | temperature range: up to 212°F | wireless range: 100 feet indoors, 260 feet outdoors | maximum ambient temperature: 572°F


  •  Design that is resistant to water
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Cooking is made easier with this app.


  •  The temperature in the room isn't always accurate.
  • Expensive