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Lawn Mower Robot | Robotic lawn mowers worth buying in 2022

 The Best lawn mower robot 2022


Robotic lawn mowers : There's nothing quite like the appearance and scent of newly cut grass, but unless you hire a professional landscaping company, you'll have to devote a significant amount of effort to keeping your lawn in good form. You may either invest in a lawn mower robot or spend hours each week performing the chore yourself the old-fashioned manner.

lawn mower robot are easy to set up and programme, and they're quite quiet because they're powered by rechargeable battery packs. That means you can use them whenever you want without upsetting your neighbours. However, features like rain and anti-theft sensors, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, a mobile companion app, and customizable scheduling options come at a cost. A type that can manage larger lawns with steep gradients and impediments like flower beds, trees, and ornamental decorations costs extra.

How Robot Lawn Mower Work

Robot lawn mower resemble robot vacuum cleaners in appearance. When you see it in action, it's almost like seeing a Roomba clean up your yard. However, when it comes to what's on the inside, things are very different.

All mowers have a battery-powered cutting blade motor, an AC-powered base station, perimeter wire, and sensors to keep them from wandering off your property or into the street. The perimeter wire is laid along the edge of your lawn and kept in place with stakes similar to those used to pitch a tent, with one end linked to a terminal on the base station. The other end of the wire connects to the second terminal and returns to the base station.The base not only charges the mower but also delivers an electrical charge to the wire. When the lawn is cut or the battery needs to be recharged, sensors on the mower use the charged wire to direct it along the borders and back to the base.

The mowers use a rechargeable battery pack (typically lithium-ion) that can last anywhere from 30 minutes for a low-cost model built for short lawns to four hours or more for a high-end model designed for bigger properties. Expect charging times of 30 minutes to two hours or more, depending on the size of the mower and the battery capacity.

Onboard control panels with On and Off buttons, as well as menus for establishing seasonal timers, scheduling cutting times, generating zones, customising edge cutting parameters, running diagnostics, and monitoring the cutting history, are commonly used for programming. Almost all robotic mowers are quiet, operating in the 55dB to 60dB range, however there are a few types that can reach 75dB. The quieter mowers can be used at night (some even have spotlights), but the noisier machines should be used exclusively during the day.

Size and Cutting Deck

You must first determine the size of your lawn before purchasing a Roobot Lawn Mower. The operating capacity of residential models ranges from 0.20 acres to 1.25 acres. A high-capacity battery pack allows a mower for vast lawns to work longer and travel further between charges. The design of your lawn also matters: if you have flower beds, trees, or lighting, the mower will need more battery power to overcome these obstacles than if it were just cutting a rectangle or square plot.

The cutting deck is the region where the blades spin underneath the mower. The floating deck feature of most robotic mowers allows you to swiftly alter the cutting height while letting the mower to navigate the contours of your lawn without scalping the grass in higher areas. Different types of cutting blades are used by different mowers. Some mowers, for example, have a single spinning blade, whilst others have numerous spinning blades or a spinning disc lined with multiple razor blades.

The cutting width of the mower defines how large a swatch it can cut in a single run. Smaller lawn mower may only have a 7-inch cutting width, but larger lawn mowers have cutting widths of around two feet. All robotic mowers chop the grass into a fine, almost sawdust-like mulch that fertilises your lawn as it makes its way into the soil. Furthermore, there is no bagging involved.

Prices and Features

Robotic lawn mowers aren't cheap, although light-duty mowers are usually less expensive than their heavy-duty equivalents. Whatever you do, make certain that the mower you purchase is capable of handling your lawn. Most companies have online calculators to assist you in selecting the best model for your needs, and many will send a representative to your home to conduct a site inspection. Expect to pay somewhere between $600 and $5,000 for a basic mower to more than $5,000 for a mower with all the bells and whistles. Professional installation by dealers might add hundreds of dollars to the final cost.

It's time to think about features when you've narrowed down your options based on lawn complexity and operating capacity. Look for a mower with flexible programming options, such as the ability to establish several zone schedules. If you have a large lawn, for example, you could want to divide it into various zones and have the mower focus on specific zones on certain days. The mower travels directly to the chosen region before cutting with multi-zone scheduling, which saves battery life.

Most robotic mowers can function in rainy weather, but it may get messy: caked grass cuttings stick to the cutting deck and the deck; blades need to be cleaned eventually; and certain mowers may have wheel slippage issues. In the event of a heavy downpour, look for a mower with a weather-sensing mechanism that instructs it to return to the base.

If your lawn has a lot of hills and slopes, you'll need a mower with huge wheels that can handle the terrain. Most mowers can tackle slopes up to 20 degrees, but some can even handle 30 degrees. The Husqvarna 435X AWD can handle steep slopes up to 70 percent gradient.

You can modify the cutting height on all robotic mowers with a dial on the mower, and some models let you to do so electronically at the control panel or via a mobile app. While all mowers employ perimeter wires and clever algorithms to assure complete grass coverage, some models also use GPS technology, which tells the mower where it has been and where it has to go. Some robotic mowers have built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular circuitry that allows you to programme and control the mower from anywhere via a mobile app and track mowing progress.

Some versions also let you to use your phone as a remote control to direct the mower to specific areas for spot maintenance, as well as support Alexa voice commands to start and stop mowing. A dedicated remote, spare cutting blades, and an anti-theft mechanism that shuts the mower down when it is picked up and requires a unique PIN to work again are all things to look for. Some mowers contain an audible alert and GPS tracking to assist you track it down if it is stolen.

Why your next lawn mower should be a robot 

Robotic lawn mower are extremely convenient, but that isn't the only reason for their widespread use. In reality, many customers have discovered a few unexpected advantages.

Reduced maintenance:  While lawn mower robotic may require some initial setup, once the basics, such as yard size, are established, they become "set-it-and-forget" equipment.

Environmentally friendly setup: lawn mower robotic, like all-electric vehicles, do not use gas engines or require motor oil to operate. That means no pollution and a lot less work. (Remember that all robotic lawn mower require some maintenance, although not nearly as much as a typical gas-powered mower.) 

Speed: lawn mower robotic travel faster than typical motor-driven lawn mower, owing to their ability to make quick turns and respond to difficulties as they arise. While tall grass would slow any mower down, a lawn mower robot can truly cruise around your yard in optimum conditions.


The majority of robotic lawn mowers are controlled by a smartphone app for iOS or Android. While this is convenient – especially since you may change the schedule at any time – the quality of your mowing experience will be mainly determined by how user-friendly the companion app is (or isn't).

If you're considering purchasing a specific model of lawn mower robot, find out whose app it uses first. Then, on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, read app reviews. When it comes to choosing the proper Roobot Lawn Mower, a few important insights from others can often make all the difference.

Some apps have far more features than others. In situations where you need to take control of where the mower goes, for example, more expensive lawn mower robotic may typically be manually controlled by the app.

Remember that some robotic lawn mowers work with digital assistants such as Amazon's Echo or Google Home. Mowing your lawn becomes as simple as telling Alexa, "Alexa, tell my lawn mower to start mowing." If your mower has a digital assistant, you can focus on giving vocal instructions rather than worrying about the quality of the integrated app.

Important information and tips

Robotic lawn mowers, like electric cars, are powered by an internal battery, which means they can only travel so far before needing to recharge. Most lawn mower robotic, thankfully, are "smart" enough to return home to their charging stations when they run out of juice. Consumers will, however, need time to adjust to a new lawn-mowing paradigm that requires similar modifications. Consider the following scenario:

  • Your Roobot Lawn Mower may need to refuel from time to time.
    Many homeowners report that getting used to the idea of mowing the grass in increments took some time.

  • You can mow your lawn whenever you want with a robotic lawn mower, even in the middle of the night. Overnight lawn mowing is a novel concept for many people, but given how much time and effort it saves, it's going to catch on quickly. Also, don't be concerned about noise; lawn mower robotic are really quiet.

  • The majority of robotic lawn mowers lack storage bags or receptacles for grass clippings. As a result, the majority of chopped grass is thrown back onto the lawn. While it may take some getting used to, it is much preferable to having to deal with many bags of clippings every time you mow.

  • Robotic lawn mowers are less exact than traditional mowers, leaving a few grass blades behind. Follow up with a string trimmer each time for optimal results.

  • If your lawn mower robotic becomes caught on yard waste during mowing, use the mower's smartphone app to fix the problem before moving the mower.

  • When performing maintenance on your robotic lawn mower, use caution. Blades are on all lawn mowers, and if yours is battery-powered, make sure it's turned off before attempting to touch any of the internals.

  • If you're unsure about the size of your yard, check your local property records. For property tax purposes, most localities retain records of yard square footage.

Expert Tip

 Find a lawn mower robotic that is suited for uneven yards if you have a sloped lawn. When pushed to run uphill, many low-cost Robotic lawn mowers will struggle.

Read up on each manufacturer's warranty and software support policies before deciding which  lawn mower robotic to buy. Don't buy a mower that doesn't come with a one-year guarantee or that doesn't specify the manufacturer's app and software support policy.


4 Best lawn mower robot

WORX WR165 Landroid

Robotic lawn mowers - Lawn Mower Robot - Roobot Lawn Mower - lawn mower robotic

The WR165 lawn mower robot, the second WORX model on our list, is designed for yards of one-eighth acre or less. The WORX AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) and 7-inch cutting base are specifically built to negotiate tighter spaces than most other robotic mowers. It's also less expensive than other robotic lawn mowers, which may cost thousands of dollars.

The Landroid software can control the WORX WR165 over a Bluetooth or WiFi connection, allowing you to alter mowing schedules on the fly and receive rapid notification if any issues develop.

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Husqvarna 115H Automower

Robotic lawn mowers - Lawn Mower Robot - Roobot Lawn Mower - lawn mower robotic


Husqvarna is another prominent robotic mower manufacturer, offering a variety of models with varying features and pricing points. For people with small to medium-sized yards, the Husqvarna 115H lawn mower robot is a popular choice (Husqvarna recommends it for lawns up to four-tenths of an acre).

On a single charge, the 115H can mow for up to 60 minutes. It has a Bluetooth connection so you may control it with your phone or laptop. The grass on the H-line is taller than on Husqvarna's other models. The cut height of the 115H ranges from 2 to 3-1/2 inches.

It comes with a DIY installation kit, helping you to save money by not having to hire someone to do the work for you.

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Husqvarna Automower 415X

Robotic lawn mowers - Lawn Mower Robot - Roobot Lawn Mower - lawn mower robotic

 The Husqvarna 415X Roobot Lawn MowerX is a premium robotic mower from Husqvarna's X-line. It thrives with difficult lawns with obstacles, hills, and tight passageways. Designed for lawns up to 0.4 acres in size. The X-line has GPS tracking, which can help you avoid theft and navigate, as well as LED lighting and a sleek front bumper. The Automower Connect app from Husqvarna lets you track and engage with your mower from anywhere in the globe. This is for the do-it-yourself kit. A model with professional installation costs $700 extra.

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MowRo RM24A

Robotic lawn mowers - Lawn Mower Robot - Roobot Lawn Mower - lawn mower robotic

The MowRo RM24A Lawn Mower Robot ($999) boasts a 9-1/2-in. cutting width, which allows it to get through narrower paths without taking longer to mow the lawn.

It's slightly noisier than most of the other mowers on this list, but still quieter than a gas-powered push mower at 65 decibels. (Most homeowners could run it at night without receiving complaints from their neighbours.)

If rain is detected, a rain sensor sends the mower back to its charging station's cover. The MowRo RM24A, which can manage up to a 30-degree slope and cut between 1-inch and 2-1/2 inches of lawn height, is recommended for lawns up to one-quarter acre in size. The mower is covered by a one-year limited guarantee, while the battery is covered for six months.

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