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Best vertical pellet smoker | Should you buy this in 2022

Best Vertical Pellet Smoker of 2022 

Best Vertical pellet smoker provide a whole new level of flavour to the grill. They have more cooking space and greater airflow than many of their competitors, while maintaining the high temperatures and fuel efficiency of traditional wood pellet versions. Here are five of the greatest vertical pellet smoker to help you improve your BBQ grilling.

Vertical pellet smoker combine the ease of pellet smoking with the volume and convenience of vertical smoker.

They provide a whole different cooking experience than other types of best vertical pellet smoker, but they're becoming increasingly popular, with big names like Pit Boss, Camp Chef, and Masterbuilt joining the party.

Top Vertical Pellet Smoker

Where do you begin, though? Here's how I rank five of the best and what to look for when purchasing your new smoker.

Pit Boss Grills 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker

best vertical pellet smoker - vertical pellet smokers


Want to smoke a large amount of food at once? Then the Pit Boss Grills 77550 5.5 vertical pellet smoker is a good option.

The entire cooking space of this best vertical pellet smoker is 1,830 square inches, divided into 5 cooking racks. Not only is this item big, but the porcelain enamelling on the frying racks means it should last a long time.

Furthermore, the 5 racks provide more food and rack placement possibilities.


  • Smoker Capacity: 40lbs

  • 150-400°F temperature range

  • Cooking Area: 1,830 Sq. Inches

Pit Boss Grills are also known for their large pellet capacity. You may fill the smoker with up to 40 pounds of pellets and use it for numerous sessions without having to replenish it. Pit Boss Grills also claims that 40 pounds of pellets will last roughly 24 hours!

Despite its big capacity, the large viewing window on this vertical pellet smoker makes watching the cooking process simple.


  •  Large capacity for cooking

  • The 5 racks make it versatile.

  • Cooking racks that last

  • It's simple to keep track of the cooking process.


  •  Heavy and bulky

Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Smoker

best vertical pellet smoker - vertical pellet smokers


Finally, consider the Camp Chef XXL vertical pellet smokers for more varied cooking.

The variety of cooking racks included with this smoker is the most remarkable feature — you get normal racks, jerky smoking racks, and one hanging rack with a dozen sausage hooks.


  •  Smoker Capacity: 18lbs

  • 150-350°F temperature range

  • 2,059 square feet of cooking space 

In terms of capacity, it appears to be comparable to the Pit Boss Grills smoker. However, we believe the Camp Chef smoker does not make the best use of its capacity. Legs account for over a third of its height, which is a waste of space.

The temperature here fluctuates between 150 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people will be fine with this, but the lower temperature limit makes this smoker unsuitable for several high-temperature cooking techniques.


  •  4 regular racks, 3 jerky smoking racks, and 12 sausage hooks on a hanging rack

  • Meat probes in pairs


  •  Temperature range is limited.

  • Heavyduty

Masterbuilt MB20250118 Pellet Smoker

vertical pellet smoker

The MB 20250118 best vertical pellet smoker from Masterbuilt is on the opposite end of the spectrum, focusing on space efficiency rather than cooking capacity. Apart from that, it is reasonably priced and so budget-friendly.

This contraption, according to Masterbuilt, can hold up to 12 birds, 2 turkeys, 2 racks of ribs, or 3 pig butts. While this seems great, the Pit Boss Grills pellet smoker will almost certainly require considerably more.


  •  Smoker Capacity: 40lbs

  • 150-400°F temperature range

  • 1,830 square feet of cooking space 

This vertical pellet smokers offers pre-programmed cooking and smoking cycles for your convenience. This smoker, on the other hand, gives you more control over the cooking temperature, as well as smoking and cooking duration.

One thing we don't like about this smoker is that there are no windows through which you can see the food, which may be a deal breaker for some. There appear to be some quality control difficulties with this machine as well, so we recommend reading buyer feedback before purchasing.


  •  Affordable

  • 4 chrome-plated cigarette racks

  • Meat probes were used.


  •  There is no way to monitor the meals from the outside.

  • Some concerns with quality control 

Masterbuilt MWS 140S Pellet Smoker 

vertical pellet smokers


The Masterbuilt MWS 140S pellet smoker is a more advanced version of the MWS 330S. Although the two vertical pellet smokers appear to be similar, there are a few significant distinctions that you may have already noticed.

First and foremost, this vertical pellet smoker has a front window for watching the food, which we consider to be a significant benefit. Second, the MWS 140S smoker is larger, which means it can hold a lot more food.


  • Smoker Capacity: 12lbs

  • 150-400°F temperature range

  • 1,830 square feet of cooking space

 This smoker, according to Masterbuilt, can fit up to 16 birds, 6 turkeys, 8 racks of ribs, or 8 pork butts. This is significantly more than the MWS 330S.

The two Masterbuilt vertical pellet smokers appear to be identical save for these two variances. Unfortunately, this also applies to the other unit's quality control difficulties.


  •  Fairly compact

  • 4 chrome-plated cigarette racks

  • Meat probes were used.

  • Smoking and cooking periods and temperatures can be programmed.

  • Front door with transparency


  •  Concerns about quality assurance

Vertical Pellet Smoker by Louisiana Grills

best vertical pellet smoker

Do you think the Pit Boss Grills smoker will be insufficient for your smoking needs? Then have a look at this Louisiana Grills smoker!

This device has a total cooking area of 2,059 square inches, thanks to six porcelain-coated racks. The 6 racks will provide you more versatility when it comes to food arranging, in addition to providing extra space.



  •  Smoker Capacity: 60lbs

  • 150-450°F temperature range

  • 2,059 square feet of cooking space 

The Louisiana Grills vertical pellet smoker can hold up to 60 pounds of wood pellets, which should last roughly 35 hours.

Of course, when dealing with such a large vertical pellet smoker, storage efficiency is a non-issue. This item is also quite expensive, thus it is not a budget-friendly alternative.


  •  6 racks with porcelain coating

  • 4 chrome-plated cigarette racks

  • There are two meat probes supplied.

  • a large viewing area

  • Large temperature range for cooking


  •  Big and hefty

  • Expensive

 That's all about Best vertical pellet smoker