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Small Air Fryer Tested | How to Choose The Best?

Best Small Air Fryers Worth buying in 2022

Why Small Air Fryer: Air fryers have been on the market for several years, but they now come in such a variety of shapes and sizes (similar to different brands and models of vehicles) that it's difficult to tell the difference between a new one and an old one. Unlike microwaves, which come in a variety of shapes but perform the same basic duties across all models, air fryers vary slightly from one model to the next. Some are simply convection ovens, but others have extra features such as the ability to dry food or spin it on a spit! 

How do Small Air Fryer work?

An air fryer is essentially a countertop convection oven. In comparison to a normal oven or toaster oven, this compact version of the conventional oven allows you to cook food quickly and evenly in less time. On the top of the machine, there is a heating element and a powerful fan. It produces and circulates hot air around the meal in a basket beneath it. The basket allows air to circulate around the food, making it crispier. Most items are air-fried at a greater temperature than they would be in a typical oven – roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Are air fryers healthy?

While an air fryer can be beneficial for deep-frying dishes, using one to prepare a recipe does not make it healthier. "A common misunderstanding is that air-frying pre-fried foods (such as bagged frozen chicken pieces or fish sticks) makes them healthier. "Air frying these frozen items to crispy perfection is definitely a terrific method to cook them."

What to consider before buying a Small Air Fryer

Small air fryers come in different shapes and sizes. In general, smaller units are designed to cook food for one or two people at a time. Sizes XL and XXL can fit enough food to feed up to six people at a time.

Some air fryers are multifunctional. You can find combo units for oven, toaster and even pressure cookers with air frying function. Depending on your space and how you plan to use the air fryer, a combo unit may be right for you.

Prices vary. Air fryers can range in price from about $40 to $300. We've found that many of the best small air fryer cost around $100 and are often on sale.

Get the most out of your small air fryer with the accessories. Like the popular pressure cooker, air fryer accessories are hitting the market making the device even more versatile.

5 best small air fryer

These models with a smaller capacity are less expensive than their larger counterparts, but they produce crunchy food.

An small air fryer may seem like a pipe dream if you have a small kitchen with limited counter space. Many are built to feed a crowd, and regardless of their cooking capacity, they take up a lot of counter space.

Small air fryers, on the other hand, are ideal for families with fewer diners or kitchens with limited space. According to Consumer Reports' tests, these machines can produce crisped-to-perfection meals with little or no oil. They are also less expensive than many larger models.

How do you choose among the dozens of little cookers available? The footprint of an small air fryer—or even its estimated capacity—cannot be used to make a decision. Instead, the size of a model's basket or tray, which affects how much food it can hold, is the most important factor.

How do we compare?

Our engineers measure each model's capacity in CR's air fryer lab, which is often less than what is promised. Our ratings show that measured capacities range from 1.3 quarts to 8.9 quarts, whereas claimed capacities range from 1.8 pounds to 9.5 quarts.

Comparing models can be difficult since different brands use different units of measurement to show the amount of food a model can hold—pounds, litres, or quarts. "All of the products in our ratings are converted to quarts so that users can compare apples to apples," says , lead engineer for Consumer Reports' small air fryer tests.

In an examination of recommended models based on our ratings, we discovered that these machines perform admirably regardless of the size of the basket. When it comes to dishes and dinners you can create in a fraction of the time, French fries, frozen chicken nuggets, and wings are just the beginning. But keep in mind that one of these small fryers will only contain a couple of chicken patties, not a complete chicken.

From our tests, we've compiled a list of the top five tiny small air fryer, which are presented below in alphabetical order. All of them have a capacity of little more than 4 quarts. If you're looking for an air fryer that can feed a family of four or more, look no further. Check out our recommendations for the best large air fryers.

Check out our best small air fryer buying guide for additional information on these popular kitchen equipment. Pranze  members can also visit our best small air fryer ratings to receive all the details on the whole lineup of air fryers we've evaluated.

1- Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer 4.5 Quart

best small air fryer

Measured capacity: 2.7 quarts

Dimensions: 13" H x 11" W x 15" D

In our best small air fryer reviews, the Chefman TurboFry 4.5 Quart small air fryer is the current shining star. It passes our noise and controls tests with flying colours, and it gets a Very Good rating for cleaning. The inside basket, despite its increased advertised capacity, is only 2.7 quarts and less than a foot broad. The one-year warranty is comparable to that of the majority of the models we review.

2- Chefman TurboFry Touch Air Fryer 

best small air fryer

Measured capacity: 2.4 quarts

12” H x 10” W x 13” D

The Chefman TurboFry Touch, a CR Best Buy, has a measured capacity of only 2.4 quarts and occupies less than a cubic foot of space. It gets great scores for controls and cleaning convenience, and it runs softly enough to pass our noise test. Despite the fact that it has a digital display, it lacks pre-programmed settings. That means you'll need a broad notion of what temperature and time each recipe calls for. It does, however, include a one-year warranty, as well as a cookbook and fryer basket parchment liners.

best small air fryer

Dash Digital Tasti Crisp Small Air Fryer 2.6 Quart 


Measured capacity: 1.9 quarts

Dimensions: 11” H x 9” W x 11” D

The Dash Digital Tasti Crisp may be little, but it packs a punch. This 6-pound model is one of the most small air fryers in our ratings, with a measured capacity of 1.9 quarts and an overall footprint of less than a square foot. Nonetheless, it is one of the best. It receives a Very Good rating for controls and cleaning, and it performs admirably in our noise test. The guarantee is one year, which is standard for most models.

4- Gourmia 5 Quart Analog Air Fryer

best small air fryer


Measured capacity: 3.4 quarts

Dimensions: 13" H x 11" W x 13" D

The legibility and ease of use of the controls, as well as the relatively quiet operation, give the Gourmia 5qt Analog small air fryer a Very Good rating. When it comes to cleaning, it's a standout, obtaining an Excellent rating in that category. It is a CR Best Buy because of its excellent performance and low price. The declared capacity of the basket is 5 quarts, although CR's test engineers measured it at 3.4 quarts. It's only about a foot broad. The one-year warranty is comparable to that of the majority of the models we review.

5- Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Digital Air Fryer  

best small air fryer

Measured capacity: 3.6 quarts

Dimensions: 13" H x 11" W x 14" D

The brushed stainless steel exterior of the Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Digital small air fryer is a Williams Sonoma unique. The inside basket holds 3.6 quarts of liquid and occupies little more than a cubic foot of area. It gets a pass on the controls but a perfect grade on the noise test. It's also really simple to clean. This type features a digital display as well as pre-programmed settings. This one, like the majority of the models we examine, comes with a one-year warranty.