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Pit Boss Austin XL Review : Is it worth buying in 2022 ?

Pit Boss Austin XL Review 2022

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pit boss austin xl review

The pit boss austin xl wood pellet grill Series provides excellent cooking at a low cost. The austin xl pit boss has two tiers of porcelain coated grid structure with a total cooking surface of 930 square inches. With full-function LED control, you can start and stop your Pit Boss automatically. The embossed lid of the pit boss austin xl 1000 has a high-temperature copper finish, and the side shelf is removable. The pit boss austin xl uses 100 percent all-natural hardwood pellets and uses genuine fan-forced convection cooking to reach temperatures of up to 500°F. The austin xl pit boss has been created with your experience in mind, making it ideal for large groups or backyard BBQ entertainment. Slide the platter over an open flame and sear your food. Direct or indirect grilling is possible with the pit boss austin xl standard flame broiler. This 8-in-1 grill will serve you well with its wood burning flavour, whether you want to bake or roast, grill or smoke. The austin xl pit boss  is meant to last, thanks to its heavy-duty steel structure.


1-Over 1000 sq in porcelain coated cooking surface.
2- Digitally control board with LED read out with meat probe.
3- Innovative flame broiler for direct flame grilling.
4-31 lb hopper with purge system.
5-Four rolling casters
6-Stainless steel side table with removable serving tray.
7-Temperature range 150 - 500 F


Our specialists were thrilled by the pit boss austin xl 1000 smokeless design while testing it. The grill produces clean, clear smoke except for the few minutes it takes to heat up. When utilising the pit boss austin xl 1000  pellet grill, this is critical since dirty smoke can impart an unpleasant flavour to your meat.

We also found the grill's assembly to be very simple. The grill arrives with the majority of its components assembled. The meat grids, as well as the retractable stainless steel side shelf and fire cup, require no maintenance. We merely had to put the legs together and we could start cooking right away.

It was also a breeze to barbecue on the pit boss austin xl wood pellet grill. On the pellet system, it has a fantastic LED read-in thermometer. We could keep an eye on the internal temperature of our dinner without losing heat or burning it.

Anyone who has ever used pit boss austin xl grills or pellet smoker grills will have no issue with this pellet smoker. The setup is simple, and all you need to get started is some wood pellet grills. 

Pit Boss Austin XL Review

pit boss austin xl 1000-pit boss austin xl wood pellet grill-pit boss austin xl reviews-austin xl pit boss


Size and Build 

The size of the austin xl pit boss pellet barbecue was the first thing we noticed. It stands about 62 inches tall and weighs 181 pounds. Because it's so heavy, you'll need assistance setting it up and moving it about the first time. Thankfully, the grill's wheels made it quite mobile, which saved us time. 

On this grill, our team has a lot of cooking surfaces to deal with. It's identical to the Traeger Pro grill, but with more size, at over 1000 square inches. On this grill, you can cook up to 52 burgers at once. A detachable stainless steel side shelf provides additional cooking space.

This pellet smoker grill is meant to last a long time, with a 5-year warranty. This pellet smoker's body is composed of heavy-duty steel, making it one of the most durable pit boss austin xl wood pellet grill available. We also discovered that the entire cooking surface was porcelain coated. This coating makes cleaning the grill after usage a breeze.

Unfortunately, the pellet smoker's hood is very thin. It was created by the manufacturer to reduce the cost of the grill and make it more accessible. The disadvantage is that it does not insulate the kitchen. External cold and high winds might cause internal temperature to fluctuate, lengthening your cooking time.

Our specialists discovered the fire cup to be really effective while reviewing it. It quickly heats the wood pellets and reaches maximum temperature in under ten minutes. The Pit Boss Austin XL smoker is particularly adaptable since, depending on your settings, it can cook low and slow or apply direct heat.

Grilling Zone 

The various cooking grids are one of the first things people notice about the pit boss austin xl 1000 interior. A smaller grid is positioned atop the bigger one, away from the fire pit. We discovered that this worked well for indirect grilling, keeping meat warm or smoking veggies.

 We were able to maximise the grill's cooking surface area thanks to the several grilling zones. Cooking was as simple as loading up the meat, choosing the correct temperature, and forgetting about it because the grill includes an automatic pellet loader.

The temperature adjustment for the grilling zone was very intriguing. Only the heat under the direct grilling zone could be adjusted. We had to forecast how hot the upper grid would be and adjust our dinner preparation accordingly. This means you'll have to keep an eye on your meat.


We wanted to see four things during our Pit Boss Austin XL review: how well it burned wood, its temperature range, ease of operation, and the flame broiler.

The hopper does an excellent job of feeding pellets to the fire pot. The rate at which the wood pellets are delivered into the fire pot is determined by the temperature you choose. When the Pit Boss Austin XL starts going, the chimney will produce clear, almost blue smoke. Depending on how hot your fire is, the big 31-pound hopper may hold up to eight hours of cooking pellets.

 The temperature range of the unit was also amazing, but there were a few flaws. The control board has an adjustable temperature dial that allows you to modify the flame in the fire pit and select specified settings in tiny increments.

The issue we experienced with this control was that there were no midway settings for the predetermined temperatures. The dial, for example, moves from 250°F to 300°F, but not 275°F. Unfortunately, many recipes indicate cooking at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. To accommodate the recipe, we had to perform additional computations. Aside from that, the temperature range of the pit boss austin xl wood pellet grill remained consistent and accurate throughout our testing. 

Our experts then discuss whether or not this smoker is simple to operate. The pit boss austin xl 1000  pellet grill, we discovered, is ideal for folks who have never used a wood pellet grill before. Some useful features, such as automatic wood pellet delivery and temperature controls, have already been addressed.

Our team's other favourite feature was the flame broiler. To use the broiler slits for direct grilling or smoking, remove the grilling grates and slide back the plate. The flames can rise from here and devour your meat. You can also reconnect the porcelain-coated grates and cook directly and indirectly with the flame broiler heat.


The austin xl pit boss pellet grill is not as portable as the Rec Tec or Green Mountain pellet barbecues. However, the majority of pit boss austin xl wood pellet grill aren't. The device is hefty due to features such as a solid build, a wide cooking area, a flame broiler, and a spacious hooper. However, weight isn't the primary criterion for portability.

Two huge wheels are located behind the grill, while two lockable wheels are located in front. You may easily move the grill around once you have enough space. On uneven terrain, the locking wheels keep the smoker from moving.

We have discovered that the ideal feature for carrying pellet grills is wheels. Carrying it will stain your clothes, and disassembling it will be too distressing.

Digital controller 

In front of the pellet grill hopper, there is a single master digital controller. It has a power button, as well as temperature control knobs and an accurate temperature LCD reading. This smoke grill design is fantastic since it centralises all of the controls.

During our Pit Boss Austin XL review, we noticed a disparity between the two thermometers on the digital controller and the hood thermometer. They frequently disagreed by up to 75°F. We discovered that the digital thermometer read was the more accurate of the two over time

other characteristics 

Two meat probes are included with the pit boss austin xl 1000 smoke grill. These allowed us to keep track of the temperature of the meat and cook it to perfection. The temperature you start with on most barbecues does not cook the meat; the food becomes colder or warmer than the grill over time, affecting doneness, flavour, and even texture. This was not an issue because to the meat probes.

We were dismayed to discover that, unlike the Traeger family of grills, the Pit Boss Austin XL smoke grill lacks internet or wireless capabilities. We could, however, use third-party wireless thermometers to keep track of the temperature. Unfortunately, these do not allow you to manage the hopper pellet delivery or alter the temperature of your smoker.


The smoke grill comes with a 5-year warranty, but with good maintenance, you can expect it to last much longer. It's as tough as any pellet grill should be, much like the high-qualityYoder YS640, and the steel construction, porcelain coating, and ease of operation make it a true grilling champion.

The attractive colour scheme of this grill attracts a lot of people. However, the chimney, hood, and lid aren't just for show. A high-temperature copper finish has been applied to them. They are not only visually appealing, but also flame, rust, and corrosion resistant. pit boss austin used a single stone to kill two birds.

During our Pit Boss Austin XL review, we discovered that the wheels were sturdy enough to roll across a variety of surfaces, including grass, tiles, and wood. Gravel, on the other hand, scuffs the wheels and causes them to fail over time. Keeping it off gravel and uneven terrain is critical to ensuring its durability.

Also, make care to clean the cooking area after each use. The ash from the wood pellets tends to settle on the grill and in the fire cup, which is not ideal. The ash can prevent the pellets from burning and contaminate the flavour of your food.


The pit boss austin xl 1000  barbecue, like most pit boss austin xl grills, comes with a five-year warranty. If you didn't breathe the original, the austin xl pit boss will send you as many replacement parts as you need within this time frame.

If you're having problems with the initial assembly, it'll come in handy. It's vital to note that rust and oxidation aren't covered by the guarantee unless they endanger the grill's and unit's structural integrity. Mishandling the grill can also void the warranty, so avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners while cleaning it. 


The austin xl pit boss grill is a mid-range pellet smoker with fantastic features like a digital control board with pre-set temperature ranges, a large cooking space, and a strong construction. The only criticism we have is that cleaning out the firepot after each usage requires the use of a shop vac. Aside from that, it's ideal for anyone looking for a practical and long-lasting barbecue.


  • For the price, this is a high-quality, well-built smoker.
  • Large cooking capacity provides more space for entertaining or preparing Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Long cook durations are possible thanks to the large pellet hopper, which eliminates the need to add more pellets.
  • You can smoke, bake, roast, and grill almost anything thanks to the wide temperature range.
  • You can grill over an open flame with the sear plate that slides out.
  • The digital controller precisely achieves and maintains the desired temperature.
  • Even if 2 a.m. starts are required, the auto start and stop feature allows you to sleep.
  • Cleaning system for pellets
  • The price includes two meat probes with temperature displays on the LCD panel.
  • 5 year warranty, which is industry best.

Cons : 

  • After each usage, you must manually clean out the ash with a shop vac (if you don't want to do that, check out the Camp Chef XXL Vertical).
  • For some, the lack of WiFi may be a disadvantage.