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Best 4 Quietest Garage Door Openers: Really Quiet?

best quiet garage door opener 2022

You may have noticed how noisy a garage can be if you have a room above one. The shrieking of a garage door is a common cause. It could also be the sound of the garage door opening as it is raised.

As a result, you may have decided to purchase the quietest garage door opener available. Here is some personal advise to help you improve your garage experience on a daily basis. But first, let's take a look at my top choices for the quietest garage door openers.

Best 4 Quiet Garage Door Openers

1. The Quietest One: Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001

best quiet garage door opener

  • Type: direct drive
  • Power: 0.75 HP
  • light: yes
  • Homelink: Yes
  • Wifi: no
  • Backup battery: no
  • Warranty: Lifetime

One of the few direct drive systems available in the United States is the Sommer 1042V001.

It includes a 0.75 horsepower engine that can lift single or double garage doors. Complete installation is simple, light, and small. Because of its small size, it can be installed near to the roof, freeing up additional room above the vehicle.

The noise reduction is the unit's most significant benefit. The machine is exceptionally quiet and has been built to absorb vibrations while in use.

Although the unit is Homelink compatible, it does not include Wi-Fi. As a result, while you can sync the unlock with your car, you can't control it from your phone.

The size of the remotes is something we may lament. It's inconvenient, and the buttons are too little to be useful.

The unit's lights have been handy, but the timer is set for three minutes. If you need to use the garage door as a primary source of light, a house landing may be the best option.

Overall, this model performs admirably. It has a sophisticated noise-cancelling mechanism, however it isn't compatible with some of the more modern versions. Sommer Direct Drive is a good option if noise and vibration are your main concerns.


  • Ultra-quiet and vibration-free
  • Homelink is supported.
  • Guaranteed for life


  •  There is no spare battery.

  • The timer on the light is set to 3 minutes.

  • no wifi

  • The control panel is simple (no motion detection, no keyless entry panel)

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2. The Best Budget Pick: SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C 

best quiet garage door opener - quietest garage door opener


  • Type: Chain Drive
  • Power: 0.5HP 
  • Light: Yes
  • Homelink: Yes
  • Wifi: In Option
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Back-up Battery: In Option

ATOMS' ATR-1611C is a standard chain opener. It has a maximum power output of 0.5 HP. The level of noise reduction achieved with the sequential drive technology is the most intriguing aspect of this model.

It performs better than a standard chain drive opener in terms of noise level. The engine was barely audible. Users are generally pleased with the operation's quietness.

The editorial demonstrates good operational performance. The construction quality, on the other hand, can be chastised. Some components are composed of plastic on the inside, which helps to justify the reduced price.

It has an LED light and is compatible with Homelink.

What I like best about this device is that it has a reasonable entry price and can be upgraded with more functions. Extras that can be purchased separately include:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot (called Skylink Internet Hub).
    It connects to your smart home system and allows you to manage the door with your smartphone.

  • Panel with Keyless Entry (called Skylink Keyless KN-318)

  • Battery backup 

Overall, this model provides the basics with high efficiency while ensuring quiet operation. By starting at a low price (about half the price of the higher-end models), you can add whatever features you deem necessary. It makes it a nice customizable option.



  • budget friendly
  • To use, it is quiet.

  • Homelink is supported.

  • Features that can be customized 



  • There is no spare battery.

  • no wifi.

  • The construction quality may be better.

  • There is only one remote control included.

  • 1 year limited warranty

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3. The Best Budget Pick N°2: Genie Chain Drive 500 (1035-V)


best quiet garage door opener

  • Type: Chain Drive
  • Power: 0.5HP 
  • Light:No
  • Homelink: Yes
  • Wifi: In Option
  • Warranty: 5 years on transmission parts
  • Back-up Battery: No

Another low-cost quietest garage door opener is the Genie 1035-V. Although it lacks some of the current garage door opener's capabilities, it effectively complements the essentials.

It is based on a chain system. With 0.5 horsepower, you'll be able to raise up to 350 pounds and 7 feet with ease. The operation is extremely quiet, despite the chain drive technology. The low noise level was well received by users. On the other hand, depending on the weight of the door, opening can be slow. A conventional 7-foot door will take roughly 12-15 seconds to open. You may measure the time it takes for actual garage doors to open to see if it's slow.

The lack of lights (for lighting), battery backup, and internet are the biggest drawbacks. The Aladdin Connect system can be purchased for the latter.

This quiet garage door opener also works with Homelink and Car2U.

The Genie 1035-V is the ideal alternative for smaller costs if your focus is on the basics and you don't need any other features.


  • budget friendly.

  • To use, it is quiet.

  • Homelink with Car2U compatibility


  • There is no spare battery.

  • There is no internet access.

  • There is no light available.

  • It's not the quickest start.

  • Limited Warranty:
         5 years for engine and gearbox
         5 years for series
         A year for spare parts and accessories

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4. Best Overall: Chamberlain B4613T

best quiet garage door opener

  • Type: Belt Drive
  • Power: 1.25 HP
  • Light: Yes
  • Homelink: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Warranty: Lifetime on the motor and belt
  • Back-up Battery: Yes

 The Chamberlain B970 garage door is a belt-driven garage door. It is one of the most popular models available. This is owing to its dependability (1.25 horsepower), quietness, and wireless capabilities. In fact, as you might have guessed, the B970 features pretty much everything.

Comes equipped with:

  • Battery backup

  • Remote controls with a long range (up to 1500 feet)

  • Lights are turned on by a motion detecting control panel.

  • The MyQ app is used to control the built-in WiFi.

This unit will not face any form of garage door due to energy savings. Furthermore, users have expressed satisfaction with the operation's quiet level. There are essentially no compromises in this pricing range. In terms of all the unique features and build quality, it offers good value for money.

This smart quiet garage door opener does, however, have some flaws. You'll have to pay extra if you want to link it to your Smarthome system (like Alexa or Google Home).

This smart quiet garage door opener does, however, have some flaws. You'll have to pay extra if you want to link it to your Smarthome system (like Alexa or Google Home).

Other than that, MyQ (Chamberlain's proprietary software) works nicely for remote control of the unit.

Another disadvantage is that the editor is compatible with all Homelink versions. Only the most recent versions of Homelink are supported (version after 2012).

Users also expressed their dissatisfaction with the Wi-Fi connection. The device that detects weak Wi-Fi transmissions. Getting a Wi-Fi extension signal or making sure the Wi-Fi signal in the garage is strong enough could be solutions.


  • Excellent value for money

  • To use, it's really quiet.

  • Simple to set up and install

  • Features a motion detection light and other handy quietest garage door opener features.

  • Long-Term Guarantee:

    Engine and belt life
    5 years for cutting
    accessories year


  • Range of Wi-Fi connections

  • Additional services must be paid for.

  • Older versions of Homelink are incompatible. 

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First: examine the garage door pulleys and bars. 

It's possible that your editorial is correct. I propose taking a look and determining what is and is not creating the noise.

Use the manual opener instead of the electric one. Manually opening the door will reveal whether or not these are the incorrect door tracks or pulleys.

If the noise appears to be coming from cylinders or rails, investigate the following:

  • Ensure that the shafts of the pulleys are lubricated.

  • Alternatively, oil the bearing (do not lubricate the nylon roller surface)

  • Changing out worn-out pulleys

  • Remove any grease, dirt, or dust from the tracks.

  • Examine the track alignment and any potential stress on the rollers. 


How to choose a quiet garage door opener? 

Understanding what technologies you're using and what makes your system noisy is essential to selecting a quietest garage door opener.

You may also go straight to our pick for the best quiet garage door opener.

The four types of transportation

1. chain drive opener

The chain door opener functions similarly to a bicycle chain. Instead of rotating a bicycle wheel, the motor propels a chain-linked wagon. The garage door is linked to the cart. Every time the wagon passes along the chain, it opens and closes the garage door. The garage door will close while you're "pressing in."

This style of opening is extremely economical. These units are available for a reasonable price. It's also simple to set up.

Another benefit of this sort of opener is that it is long-lasting and dependable. Chains are an efficient and long-lasting technique of transporting energy from a mechanical standpoint.

The biggest disadvantage is noise. The majority of the components are constructed of metal, including the wheel, chain, and chain housing. Friction, especially metal-to-metal friction, can be quite noisy.

Another important factor to consider is chain maintenance. White grease should be used to lube the chain at least once a year.

2. Belt drive opener

The mechanism of a belt quiet garage door opener is identical to that of a chain drive opener. A belt replaces the metal chain. The belt is mostly constructed of rubber and can be strengthened with fiberglass or steel.

The belt's main benefit is its low noise level. The belt does, in fact, attenuate vibrations and make operations easier. There is also no metal-to-metal contact thanks to the rubber coating.

This style of opener is appropriate if there is a bedroom over the garage. This is one of the quietest garage door openers available.

A belt is nearly as capable of transmitting power mechanically as a chain. The belt has the advantage of being silent, light, and hence more energy efficient. Furthermore, unlike the chain, the belt does not require lubrication.

If we had to choose between a belt and a chain in terms of durability, the latter, if properly oiled, has a longer life. The belt, on the other hand, frequently comes with a long-term warranty.

Belt drive openers are more expensive in terms of pricing. Consider investing $40 to $100 more than chain drive openers.

3. Screw drive opener

The cinematic style of the solenoid engine opening is radically distinct. When the engine is running, it is made up of a threaded rod that revolves. On the rail, a cart connecting to the garage door was put. The trolley moves away from the garage door and opens as the threaded rod (also known as a "screw") revolves. The trolley will travel toward the garage door and close it if the screw is rotated in the opposite direction.

This mechanism is quiet, but not as quiet as a belt drive opening. The lack of rattling string noise is the cause behind this. They have a tendency to move more slowly. As a result, there is less noise, but the garage door opens and closes more slowly.

This screw drive opener transmits power more efficiently. The belt and chain have a larger inertia and are thus more difficult to move. Pressure from hefty doors, on the other hand, might damage the wagon's threads.

Installation does not necessitate rolling the chain/strap around. The screw is smaller and takes up less room. As a result, the system is more compact and simple to install. Because of its size, it's a good fit for a garage with a low ceiling.

Screw drive openers are less expensive than chain/belt openers.

The opener, like a chain drive, requires maintenance to extend its life. To avoid wear, these threads should be lubricated once or twice a year.

4. Direct Opening Drive

The direct opening system operates in the same way as a chain drive opener. The motor moves in a stationary chain rather than moving the chain. The door is linked to the motor housing. As the motor runs along the rail, it will either push or pull the door.

The quietest of all the models is this one. This ultra-quiet garage door opener model is what you may name it.

Because the motor only moves along the rail, the number of moving parts is kept to a minimum. The initial result is unrivaled toughness.

This style of opener, by the way, frequently comes with a lifetime warranty.

The only advantage of this sort of opener is that it is generally available in Europe. As a result, America's options are severely limited.

The price tag is within the belt drive range.


The motor's power is determined by the garage door's weight. Choosing a power unit that is undervalued will lead it to tire out and work slowly. The engine will run at its best speed if you choose the proper power.


Modern quiet garage door opener have a slew of extra functions. Here are some of the qualities I recommend searching for when selecting an opener:

  • There are several remote controls.
    Backup remotes, in my opinion, are quite crucial.
    Having a spare can rescue the day if you break it, forget it, or run out of battery.

  • Turn on the lights.
    When an engine is running, it is common to see lights on it.
    Some of them can serve as the garage's primary source of illumination.
    To show that the door is moving, I've always had a light on my automobile engine.

  • Panel for keyless entry.
    This is a control panel that allows you to lock the garage door using a code.

  • a set of extra batteries
    A battery backup is required if you want to switch your system to a blackout on your own.
    In my opinion, it is beneficial to have.
    However, if you don't have frequent power outages, it's fine to go without such a battery.

  • Smartphone control is possible.
    If you don't have enough spare remotes, this feature comes in handy.
    Or if you want to provide your garage access on a regular basis while you're out and about.


Verdict: Best quiet garage door opener

  • I'm not going to skip out on the warranty time.
    Any device, regardless of brand, can function flawlessly for one year before failing in the second or third year.

  • If you don't want to do it yourself, feel free to contact a professional for installation.

The Chamberlain B970 is my personal favorite. Because quiet garage door opener are considered household appliances by me. I expect it to survive more than 5 years, much like refrigerators. This is something I see as a long-term investment. Furthermore, because I am unable to access the additional paid capabilities, the MyQ app provided on Chamberlain will do for my personal needs.

I hope this advice has been helpful in assisting you in making the best selection quietest garage door opener.