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Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost? How to choose the best

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost


garage door spring replacement cost

garage door spring replacement cost: Garage door springs can snap violently, but a pro can quickly get them back in safe operating order so you don't have to risk getting hurt. The average cost of replacing a garage door spring is $250, ranging from $150 to $350.

  •  Typical Range: $150 to $350
  •  National Average: $250 

In the current world, automatic garage doors have quickly become essential. Since homeowners depend so heavily on them, it's simple to forget that they eventually deteriorate and require replacement parts—until they unexpectedly stop working. Since it does the heavy lifting each time you use the door, a broken garage door spring is the component that requires repair or replacement the most frequently. The typical cost of a garage door spring repair by a technician is $250, but the cost may be as high as $350. The price of garage door spring replacement will depend on the size of the door, the kind and quantity of springs, the number of doors, the location, and labour costs. Fortunately, Broken garage door springs can be securely replaced by a competent technician, and you'll soon be able to drive into your garage once again.

Factors in Calculating Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

A broken garage door spring will typically need to be completely replaced rather than mended. When you need to find out how much replacing a garage spring will cost, the estimate should include the price of labour and supplies for the type of doors you have.


Using a trustworthy business with years of experience is crucial since garage doors are not easy to fix. Due to the weight and awkwardness of garage doors, the majority of businesses send two staff to do repairs. According to HomeAdvisor, labour costs for the service visit typically range from $75 to $150. When you call for an estimate, a reliable business can tell you how long the repair of your door should take—typically 1 to 2 hours for spring replacement.


In order to get the garage door operating again, replacing the springs will cost you money for new springs, brackets, and hardware. For a set of two springs, which is normal for a double garage door, these typically cost $30 to $200. One door utilises only one spring, thus repairing it will be less expensive.

Geographic Location  

The final cost will depend on the demand and supply for garage door contractors. garage door spring replacement cost will be greater in an area where there are fewer businesses. Since the cost of living is generally higher in metropolitan locations than in most suburban or rural ones. 

repair rates there tend to be higher as well. On the other hand, if the technician must travel far to reach a rural home, you can be required. 

to pay an additional trip cost.

The number of garage doors

Both springs could break at the same time if your garage doors were all built around the same time and are utilised on a consistent basis. The double-door garages seen in the majority of homes use two springs to keep the door balanced as it raises and lowers. The elder spring receives uneven tension after one spring is changed, which will certainly cause it to break soon after. It is advised to change both springs at the same time for this reason. Ask about a discount to have all the springs replaced at once if you have a third or fourth garage door to avoid paying an additional service fee later.

Door Style

Torsion or extension springs are used in the construction of residential garage doors to generate the force necessary to raise and lower the garage at a controlled speed. Regardless of whether you have a tilt-up door or a roll-up door, the price depends on the type of spring that needs to be changed. Since a commercial garage door is larger, heavier, and used more frequently than the majority of residential doors, the springs are probably more prone to break. Commercial garage door springs range in price from $100 to $500 plus labour costs of $150 to $300. 

Cost of replacing a garage door spring: types of doors and springs

There are different types of garages, such as tilt-up and single panel, despite the fact that the majority of garage doors are the sectional style, which rolls panels up along tracks. Despite the variations in style, each one of them uses a spring system to help balance the strain of physically raising and lowering the garage door. Torsion springs are an alternative to extension springs, which are the more conventional design.

Bar and Torsion

Since they continue to be under intense pressure while the garage is closed. 

replacing torsion springs is one of the riskier spring replacement procedures. They extend and twist firmly to open and close the garage door. 

they are fastened to the side wall of the building. Depending on use, torsion springs can last between 10,000 and 20,000 cycles (8 to 15 years) and handle greater weight than extension springs do. Torsion spring replacements range in price from $30 to $100 per spring. 

with labour and materials adding another $75 to $150 to the total.


Extension springs only endure 8,000 to 15,000 cycles, or 7 to 12 years, while being less expensive than torsion springs. These hang just above the horizontal track of the door on a single long, narrow rod. The springs tighten and pressurise as the door is lowered. 

producing the spring action required to lift the door once more. Since they have more exposed elements than torsion springs do. 

they have safety cables attached to keep them in place when they break. Extension springs range in price from $15 to $45. while labour and material costs to replace them range from $50 to $100 per spring.


In addition to springs, garage doors have cables that help raise and lower the door. They serve as a fallback system in case the springs malfunction. Keep an eye out for the following indicators that your cables need to be repaired: one side is heavier and lifting unevenly; the door whines when moving; or the door came off the track entirely. The cables could wear out before your spring. The wires can be changed by a professional for $75 to $200. 

but if they're also replaced at the same time as a damaged spring, you'll probably pay $175 to $450.

Two-door garage

The cost of the materials will be higher even though the labour rates for a double garage door repair are the same as for a single. The springs on double garage doors are larger than those on single doors. For instance, if an extension spring costs $15–$45, then budget an additional $15–$30 each spring. The cost of replacing springs and cables combined will be higher because the cables are thicker to support the additional weight.


Since the price is primarily based on the type of spring being replaced, replacing springs on a roll-up garage door costs roughly the same as replacing springs on any other door. Roll-up doors typically require two torsion springs, so expect to pay $200 to $250. Roll-up doors require the same amount of labour as any other form of garage door.

Repairing a Broken Garage Door Spring

The longevity of garage door springs can be increased by fine-tuning them. To keep the springs balanced and lubricated, have a technician perform maintenance on them once or twice a year. Additionally, they will check the quality of the wires, tracks, drums, and rollers in addition to tightening any screws. By maintaining your garage door, you can potentially prevent a shock if the door breaks and keep it operating safely for longer. A broken spring can only be replaced; it cannot be fixed. A garage door tune-up ranges in price from $50 to $150. 

whereas garage door spring replacement typically costs between $100 and $300.

How Can I Tell if My Garage Door Spring Needs to Be Replaced?

There are a few other ways to tell if you need a new garage door spring if you weren't at home when the spring broke and you didn't hear the bang. A door that closes too quickly, is overly noisy, or is crooked are all sure symptoms that the spring needs to be repaired. Some symptoms manifest more gradually, such as rust and corrosion brought on by the spring's inadequate lubrication. Here are the best techniques for determining when to garage door spring replacement.


When metal components scrape against one another or are out of alignment, they often squeak. Squeaking is an indication that a garage door spring may require lubrication and cleaning. During a tune-up, a garage door maintenance expert can inspect the spring to make sure it's in good condition.

Issues with Garage Doors

When something major is amiss with your garage door springs, you'll notice it quite soon. Call a technician to fix the springs if any of the following apply:

  • The door won't open, despite the motor running.

  • The door hangs unevenly.

  • Instead of naturally closing, the door crashes to the ground.

  • The entrance won't remain open.

  • The cables are slack or damaged.

  • When working, there is a loud bang or excessive noise.

  • The door moves far too slowly.

  • The springs have apparent holes. 

Use and Abuse

The spring will deteriorate more quickly if a homeowner uses the garage door frequently throughout the day as opposed to just once or twice. To increase the lifespan of a garage door, heavy use is an excellent reason to have regular tune-ups. Additionally, homeowners have the option of installing springs with a higher cycle rate than others. Raise the door halfway, then check to see if it stays level to quickly determine the springs' condition. The springs need to be replaced if it keeps moving or if only one side keeps moving. 

Corrosion and rust

Any moisture that contacts a spring will cause it to rust fast, weakening the material. Since springs are always under intense strain, any deterioration expedites the need for replacement. Lubricate springs annually with WD-40 White Lithium Grease, which won't harm the coils like regular WD-40, or a silicone-based lubricant to keep them dry. Just be careful not to over-lubricate them—you don't want them to be too slippery so they can't keep their coil. Garage door springs may also benefit from routine maintenance in humid or coastal environments.

Garage door replacement versus replacement of just the springs

When your garage door suddenly stops functioning properly, you start to worry about how much it will cost to fix it. You might even be concerned that you need to replace your garage door entirely. Fortunately, a damaged spring is usually to blame for a malfunctioning garage door, and a skilled professional can easily replace it.

On the other hand, severe damage to a damaged garage door can need replacing the entire garage door. A garage door may be beyond repair if it has suffered significant damage from extreme weather or a natural calamity. It can also be necessary to replace a door if it came off its track and broke on the landing. In general, total garage door replacement is necessary when multiple garage door components require repair or replacement. A specialist might be able to fix the one or two damaged panels on your panelled garage door. However, the entire garage door will need to be replaced if the door, tracks, and cables are all broken. A garage door replacement option is also available if you want a different kind of door, more windows for natural light, or insulation for chilly winters.

Cost of Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Spring Replacement vs. Professional Replacement

Due to their ease of use, garage doors may appear to be straightforward to repair, but that is not the case. To lift a hefty door, garage door springs are constantly put under a lot of pressure. Because of this, fixing them might be a risky endeavour. You run the risk of dangerously hurting yourself or breaking any equipment or automobiles in the garage if you attempt to fix a garage door on your own. Additionally, you run the risk of making a costly mistake by fixing the wrong thing or doing it incorrectly. Replacement of the springs on a garage door should only be done by qualified personnel.

Asking for assistance from trained professionals who are competent to remove and repair broken springs is the most secure and safest way to replace a broken garage door spring. Additionally, since they are not your typical household springs, specific tools are needed. The next step is to ensure the door is properly balanced once the expert has removed and replaced the damaged springs. If you're not experienced with this procedure, you risk damaging your garage door and having to replace it entirely. Another reason to hire a professional is that some warranties will not cover repairs or new parts if they are carried out by someone who is not a qualified expert.

How to Reduce the garage door spring replacement cost

Even if the garage door spring replacement cost isn't the most expensive repair you could encounter, it never hurts to make some fixes cheaper. Find strategies to reduce the price of replacing garage door spring replacement by using any of the following suggestions.

  • Replace the batteries in your garage door opener first to see if that makes the door start to open again.To make sure the door has power, additionally check the circuit breaker.

  • As soon as there is a visible issue or any damage, call a technician.
    Early problem solving can save more costly expenditures for problems that grew worse over time.

  • Rather than hiring a handyman who might not be knowledgeable about the most recent garage door models, go with a qualified garage door repair firm.

  • Selecting the lowest bid should only be done if you are certain the company is trustworthy.

  • Consider asking about senior or military discounts.

  • To extend the life of the spring, buy the right lubricants and perform your own maintenance once a year.

  • Subscribe to any newsletters that might provide discounts and coupons for upkeep or repair.

  • Consider selecting a high-quality spring that will last longer even though it costs more up front.

  • Request estimates from several businesses.
    To decide who you want to call in an emergency, do this in advance.

  • Invest in a new, long-lasting garage door to replace your old one, which requires frequent repairs. 

Questions to Ask Regarding the Garage door spring replacement cost

When engaging a professional to undertake repairs on your behalf, it never hurts to be as well-informed as you can be. Even if you aren't handling this job yourself, you should make sure the garage door repair firm you choose is qualified by asking them a number of questions. Understanding the expenses, demands, and procedures necessary to get your door back on track is crucial. 

  • How long has your company been around?

  • Do you have a licence and insurance?

  • Which warranties do you provide?

  • Do you have any references I might contact?

  • What is the anticipated price of this repair?

  • Can I first review the estimate?

  • When will it be finished?

  • How many staff members are you sending?

  • When did they start working on garage doors?

  • Is it okay that my car won't go up so I can't move it out of the garage?

  • What if you find that the issue is more complicated than just a broken spring?

  • Do I require a brand-new garage door?

  • Do you provide maintenance packages?

  • What can I do to maintain the condition of my garage door? 


Since the expenses are rather easy, it is not necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of garage door spring replacement cost. Read through these frequently asked questions and answers for a little more information. 

Can I change by myself?

Yes, technically. For homeowners who want to replace their own garage door springs, there are kits available. However, you should be aware that doing so is not recommended due to the great danger of harm or even death while working with springs under intense pressure. You can end up in an unfortunate situation with a personal injury or damage to the cars or equipment in the garage if you don't have the necessary tools and skills.

What is the lifespan ?

Your spring's kind will determine what happens. Extension springs should last seven to twelve years, while torsion springs eight to fifteen. Most springs can survive their full lifespan with proper care.

Should I lube or oil the springs on my garage door?

To avoid rusting or drying out, it's a good idea to keep your springs greased. Both may hasten the spring's degeneration. If you choose to do it yourself, use a silicone-based lubricant, or hire a professional to perform a full tune-up using the appropriate equipment.


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