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oilfield accidents | Find out which ones are the most frequent ?

 5 Common Oilfield Accidents


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oilfield accidents: Being extremely cautious is crucial if you work in an oil field to prevent common mishaps like slips and falls. In the oil and gas sector and , there are numerous instances of injuries and fatalities in oil rig accidents. If you don't follow safety precautions, you could end up injured in an oilfield accident.

What types of oilfield mishaps are most prevalent? 

In the United States, particularly in texas oilfield, the oil and gas industry has one of the highest injury rates ever. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that oilfield accidents in texas was home to 40% of the 663 oilfield workers killed in America between 2007 and 2012.

Here are a few frequent oilfield accident you should be aware of: 

1- Falls and Slips 

Serious injuries from slips and falls could potentially put an end to your career as an oilfield workers. Make sure you don't miss any steps when you work on elevated rigs. Most of the time, wearing the right protection will help you avoid fractured bones.

2- Improper Training

Workplaces in oil fields are hectic and require a lot of care and attention. You run the risk of hurting yourself or other workers if you haven't obtained enough training on oilfield safety procedures. Make sure you receive adequate training before entering an oilfield. 

 3) Gas Intoxication

Gas poisoning is another common oilfield accidents. Potentially hazardous gases like Hydrogen Sulfide can collect in places with little or no ventilation and poison workers. People exposed to this gas will experience nausea, fall unconscious, and if they are not tended to, they could die.

4) Electrocution

Also one of the most famous oilfield accidents is Electrocution. You may be exposed to substances that carry electricity when working in the oilfield, raising your risk of electrocution. A life-threatening incident, electrocution can result in unconsciousness, burns, or even death. So, always avoid exposed electrical lines. 

 5) Explosions and Fires

The most dangerous oilfield accidents is Explosions and Fires. When working in the oilfield near gases, your main concern should always be fires and explosions. When pressurised gases erupt and get ignited by sparks, fires or explosions can occur and cause injuries. Unfortunately, extinguishing fire in oil fields can be very tough.

Be Constantly Aware of Your Environment

oilfield workers may suffer serious injuries or lose their lives in common oilfield accidents. Because of this, you should always exercise extreme caution when working in an oilfield. However, you can file a workers' compensation claim for a oilfield accident if the event occurs while you are at work. By contacting an oilfield accident lawyer.

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