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why pit boss laredo 1000 | Is it really worth buying?

pit boss laredo 1000 review | Is it really worth buying?


pit boss laredo 1000 -pit boss platinum laredo 1000  - pit boss laredo 1000 review

laredo platinum grill from pit boss:

pit boss laredo 1000 review : Using pellets, the Pit Boss Laredo 1000 smoker. With a good cooking area, the pit boss platinum laredo 1000 maintains precise temperatures. On longer cooking, having the pellets auto feed makes it very simple. Just make sure the hopper is filled before turning it on, and after that, you can essentially set the temperature and forget about it. Not so, however unlike other types of smokers, pit boss pellet smokers do not require you to bother about temperature control.

pit boss platinum laredo 1000 review

  • Smoker and Grill for Wood Pellets

  • Cooking Space of 1006 Square Inches

  • Technology for Smoke

  • Utilize the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features of the Smoke IT App.

  • High-Quality Stainless

  • Steel Structure

  • Range of Temperatures from 180 to 500 F

  • Versatile 8-in-1 Cooking Power

  • Barbecue, grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast, sear, and other cooking methods

  • Control board that is fully digital

  • System for Key Component Alerts

  • Technology PID

  • Flame broiler with adjustable slide plates

  • Nighttime grilling with built-in grill lighting

  • 26 lb Capacity of Hoppers

  • Ash Clean-out System Built-In

  • Included are two stainless-steel meat probes.

  • Cast iron cooking grids with a porcelain coating

  • Low Barrier Hopper Cleanout

  • 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets are used as fuel. 

pit boss laredo 1000 review


After the pit boss platinum series laredo was put together, I set it up where I would use it and performed what the distributor calls a "burnout" (season the grill and burn off any oils or other contaminants from manufacture). To do this, preheat the grill to 350 degrees F for around 45 minutes. After the initial priming process, which calls for holding down the prime button for 6 to 8 minutes to deliver pellets to the burn pot, this happened.


The Pit Boss Laredo 1000 general construction and materials. I'd rate it as excellent. All of the components are high-quality. As previously mentioned, everything lined up and flowed properly after it was constructed. I am quite thrilled with how the unit looks. Since I've owned Smoker for a little more than two months, it has not failed me. In fact, I believe it is operating more effectively today than when I originally turned it on.

Why I adore this unit

The flexible Pit Boss Laredo 1000 is a device...
It is much more than just a pellet smoker. Its Eight-in-One Cooking You can prepare just about anything you desire because to versatility. To mention a few, I've smoked chicken, Tri-Tip, briskets, and ribs. Along with a few other items, I have cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and chicken. When you want a nice open flame for that lovely pit boss grills effect, the adjustable searing plate is quite useful. I've even used it to make a few deserts. The cupcakes with smoked maple bacon were a tremendous hit.

The negatives

 After pit boss laredo 1000 review i find out the following

A Pellet Smoker called the Pit Boss Laredo 1000 is only available from Walmart.
My main criticism of the appliance at first was how long it took to warm up. It took 20 to 30 minutes for it to reach 300 degrees F when I first got it. Since then, things have radically changed. Now, it only takes roughly 10 minutes to achieve those temperatures. Even though it still takes some time to reach 450–500 degrees F, even that has been significantly reduced. I'm just going to assume that it needs some break-in time.

I've seen a lot of bad reviews for the Smoke it app. I can't say whether I believe it's bad or great. I first had some trouble getting it to connect and stay connected, but in the past month, it has worked flawlessly (for reasons I am unsure of), and as of now, it is a very wonderful feature that is functioning as intended.


It's good to have a smoker like the Pit Boss Laredo 1000 in your garden (or pit boss grilling area). Its lovely 1006 Si of cooking space allows you to prepare a lavish meal for the family. Its temperatures are readily managed and remain constant. With this buy, I am quite happy.

pit boss laredo is an advanced wood pellet

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