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Florida Truck Accident Attorney | How a Truck Accident lawyer Can Help

Why You Should Seek a Truck Accident Lawyer



Florida Truck Accident Attorney - truck accident lawyer

truck accident attorney : Over 15.5 million vehicles in the United States convey a staggering $1 trillion worth of goods between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico each year, accounting for close to 70% of all freight moved there. Trucks were involved in 38,808 accidents on Florida's highways in the most recent year for which Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has complete statistics.

Given the high volume of trucks on the road, collisions with passenger cars are not uncommon. Unfortunately, because of the size difference between automobiles and trucks, the harm that cars cause in terms of both property damage and bodily injury is nearly usually much larger than that caused by truck drivers and their vehicles.

Injuries from Serious Truck Accidents Require Legal Action 

Truck accident victims may receive serious or even fatal injuries. Physical and financial suffering accompany damage as medical expenses mount and victims feel helpless to escape the pressure of skyrocketing expenditures. Due to the victim's responsibility for deductibles, copays, and coinsurance, the expenditures may seem daunting even with medical insurance. The consequence can be a financial nightmare for those without insurance or whose no-fault personal injury protection insurance won't cover all of their expenses because they are responsible for paying for all of the medical care they need to diagnose, treat, and recover from their injuries.

When injuries are severe enough, they may result in permanent pain and significant, potentially expensive life modifications. Some sufferers no longer have any ability to work. Some people have physical or mental health problems as a result of their injuries, making it impossible for them to resume their prior employment. Others, though, are reliant on pricey medical supplies or treatment plans.

As soon as you can, speak with a truck accident lawyer. 

There is hope for those who have been hurt in truck accidents to get over their financial obstacles. Get in touch with a Florida truck accident Attorney right away. According to Florida law, you are entitled to file a personal injury case to recover financial damages from a negligent truck driver. But you have four years after the accident to file your lawsuit. It is a definite date and is referred to as the statute of limitations. No matter how strong your legal arguments are or how badly you've been hurt, if you don't file your lawsuit within four years, the court will dismiss it (throw it out), leaving you with no chance to pursue any further legal recourse.

Don't let the thought that four years is a long time fool you. The time can fly by if you concentrate on getting better. Since these claims are intricate, the sooner you speak with a lawyer, the sooner you can start moving toward getting the money you are due. Bill collectors will phone you until you pay them, and they won't wait four years to take the most extreme actions possible, such as handing you over to collections or obtaining a civil judgement to have your wages garnished.

How a Lawyer in Florida Can Help

Finding a Reliable Personal Truck Accident Attorney You might be unsure of whether you require legal representation to pursue your legal options through a truck accident case. Yes, let's get it straight away! In the complicated field of personal injury law, there are frequently several parties and moving pieces. Insurance firms have teams of attorneys whose sole responsibility it is to make sure that their employers pay you the least amount of money possible when they are involved (which they almost always are).

These lawyers are knowledgeable about the law, and they would relish the opportunity to take on an unrepresented party that may not be aware of all the damages they may be eligible for and doesn't know their techniques. You deserve a knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer fighting for every dollar in damages the law allows you to receive in your favour. But what specifically can your lawyer offer you?

Filing Your Lawsuit

Whom should you file a lawsuit against? Although it seems like a straightforward question, it can rapidly get complex. Of course, the motorist and his or her insurance provider will be named as defendants, but what about the employee? Maybe, but not usually. Insurance firms, yours and those of the other drivers? Almost certainly going to be involved Were there unsafe driving conditions or unidentified dangers? Perhaps it is appropriate to hold accountable those who were in charge of maintaining the roads.

An professional lawyer can assess the circumstances of your case and identify the proper defendants for your specific circumstance. Suing the wrong party can also result in the dismissal of your case, much like failing to file within the statute of limitations. Because it takes time to prepare these lawsuits, having to start over could result in running afoul of the statute of limitations, or worse, missing it entirely.

Although filing a lawsuit on time and against the appropriate defendants may seem like fundamental good lawyering (and it surely is), lawsuits are frequently dismissed for these reasons.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Pretrial negotiations are used to settle most personal injury cases; juries never sit in a courtroom to hear them. Because of this, it's crucial to confirm that the lawyer you select has experience handling truck accident lawsuits, is aware of the kinds of damages you're entitled to, and knows how to handle the insurance company lawyers who want to settle for the least amount possible.

If a settlement is not made prior to that time, negotiations may go on all the way up until the moment a jury is presented with your case for consideration. A skilled advocate will know how to vigorously pursue your rights without alienating the opposing side or ending future conversations. Leaving the door open for a settlement offer is always a wise move, and giving up totally is nearly never a good one.

Accident investigations involving semi-trucks

During the course of your lawsuit, your lawyer will almost definitely hire an investigator to speak with witnesses and other parties involved, examine documents, and, if necessary, visit the accident scene. As additional details emerge, they can be helpful and strengthen your negotiating position. Keep in mind leaving that door open. This is a key factor in why. Being able to return with additional valuable information can boost the settlement offer you receive because you can never predict all the information an investigator will learn about the case at the time you file.

Going to Trial

You make the final decision in your case at all times. You choose whether to accept a settlement offer and whether to proceed with a jury trial in your case. Your lawyer is required by law to present you with every offer made by the defendant. They will undoubtedly have an opinion about how good the offer is and what they believe your potential recovery at trial would be, but the choice is ultimately yours. You are the captain of the ship since it is your case and the outcome eventually affects you and the rest of your life.

The level of expertise your lawyer has is crucial if you reach the stage where settlement talks are failing and it is necessary to go to trial. It's okay that not all lawyers make good litigators. Unless you require a skilled attorney to represent you. Many lawyers just lack the abilities necessary for trials. It's crucial to learn how to choose and then interact with a jury, how hard to push sympathetic witnesses, and how to translate technical medical jargon and information into plain English lay juries may grasp.

How to Choose the Best Lawyer for a Truck Accident Case

In addition to these interpersonal qualities, a trial lawyer needs to be well-versed in the intricacies of Florida truck accident law, the rules of evidence and civil procedure, as well as the customs of the court hearing your case.

When looking for a lawyer to represent you in a truck accident case, it's crucial to look into their case history in addition to listening to their sales pitch where they will undoubtedly promise to be able to secure you a sizable settlement. It is crucial that you hire a truck accident attorney with experience managing situations like yours. They ought to have knowledge of truck accident cases, similar injuries to yours, etc. Investigate whether they had successful outcomes for their cases, which need not always involve obtaining settlements for their clients. Keep an eye out for attorneys that not only obtain settlements for their clients but also defend them in court when they sue.

Make careful to ask about their trial experience, particularly their experience with truck accident cases, before choosing an attorney to represent you in what is perhaps the most significant legal matter you will ever face. All lawyers attend law school, pass the bar exam, and then often concentrate on one particular field of the law. You wouldn't go to a neurosurgeon to have surgery on your foot, and you shouldn't go to an attorney who has never handled a truck accident claim from the first filing to the jury verdict and everything in between.

Types of Damages Occurring

Economic, non-economic, and punitive damages are the three categories of compensation that truck truck accident victims may be entitled to under Florida law. Each case is distinct and necessitates a separate legal evaluation. You might be eligible for some or all of the damages listed below depending on the specifics of your case.

Economic and non-economic damages will be negotiated as part of a settlement, but punitive damages can only be decided by a jury and then approved by the court.

Economic Damages

Economic damages might be compared to expenses for which you receive a bill or are reimbursed. These expenses have a measurable value and a readily determinable dollar figure.

Medical costs are the most typical one. They cover expenses like the price of an ambulance ride to the hospital, the price of your initial hospital stay (which includes surgeries, lab tests, X-rays, diagnostic testing, doctor's fees, medications, and the price of other items used to treat you), additional surgeries, medication, therapy (physical, speech, occupational, and mental health), and rehabilitation services.

Another form of economic harm is lost wages. The lost wages from your initial stay and any further time missed from work for appointments can quickly add up. Due to your absence from work, you can also forfeit commissions, retirement contributions, or tips.

Future wages are those that you will forfeit due to your wounds in the future. You will be out of work for the rest of your life if you are unable to return to work or are forced to accept a position that pays less than what you were making prior to the accident. An actuary can calculate the amount based on factors such as your current age and life expectancy, previous wages, the possibility of advancement you had in the past, your level of education or professional training, and the time value of money, though it is more difficult to calculate than wages you are currently losing or have already lost.

You must demonstrate economic damages since they are simple to demonstrate. This implies that you must thoroughly document all of your expenses. Ensure that you save every receipt and bill. Track the time you missed at work.

Damages Not Economic  

Non-economic damages, as you might have guessed, are meant to make up for losses that, while very real, are less concrete and unquantifiable. For bodily pain and suffering, physical handicap, and emotional agony, you may be entitled to financial recompense. Additionally, if you are married, your spouse may make a claim for loss of consortium as part of your lawsuit and seek compensation for things like lost companionship.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages may be suitable in your situation even though they are infrequently granted in Florida personal injury cases. Punitive damages are meant to penalise the offender for unusually immoral or egregious behaviour and to deter others from repeating the same behaviour, not to recompense victims. Punitive damages in Florida are capped at $500,000 or three times the total of economic and non-economic damages, collectively known as compensatory damages.

Consult a Reputable Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

A reputable truck accident lawyer can assist you in your fight for the compensation you are entitled to if you were hurt in a truck accident and have bills and expenses you are unable to pay. Find a truck accident attorney who will answer all of your questions, accepts cases on a contingency basis, and offers free first case reviews.

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